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Gawad Talino Program

This program is an academic recognition program – it awards graduating senior high school students who excel in Mathematics and Science.

The awards consist of

a) medals and certificates of recognition, given during their graduation from senior high school

b) scholarship grants to qualified awardees

By honoring these students, the program hopes to inspire and encourage them to maximize their potential, to pursue higher levels of education, and to aspire to become leaders in the next generation.

Selection of recipients of Gawad Talino Excellence Award is conducted by the member schools through an awards committee which will screen candidates based on academic performance, moral character and integrity.

Schools must register for inclusion in this program. Only those schools accredited by the Department of Education and have the license to operate as a senior high school can register.

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Gawad Talino Report here.

Registered schools must send the Gawad Talino Report to MDFI to receive the medals and certificates.

Recipients of MDFI’s Gawad Talino Excellence in Mathematics or Science Award interested to apply for scholarships can get more information from our Scholarship Program page.