Who We Are

About Us

Mercury Drug Foundation, Inc. (MDFI) is a private, non-stock, non-profit organization, organized and registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission in 1983, under the name Mercury Group Foundation, Inc. The company name was changed to Mercury Drug Foundation, Inc. in 1990.

MDFI traces its roots from the social responsibility initiatives of Mercury Drug, as a way of giving back to the people for their loyal support through the years. At the very core of this effort lies a strong sense of compassion inspired by the commitment to make a meaningful difference, beyond pharmaceutical retailing, in the communities where Mercury Drug operates.

MDFI is registered as a social welfare and development agency under the Department of Social Welfare and Development of the Philippines, accredited by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification, Inc. and certified as a donee institution by the Bureau of Internal Revenue of the Philippines.

Led by its president, Vivian Que Azcona, the MDFI Board of Trustees and Management Team, together with thousands of volunteers, seek to carry on the service mandate of MDFI's founder, Dr. Mariano Que, to help the needy and less privileged.

We aspire to promote health and well-being, uplift living conditions and quality of life of the underserved sectors of society by contributing ways and means that will help reduce the incidence of diseases.

We seek to build the country’s pool of exceptional professionals by providing scholarship grants to financially challenged but deserving students, academic recognition to students excelling in science and mathematics, and financial assistance to other endeavors that will inspire, nurture, and promote excellence in education and foster national development.

We provide relief, aid, and other resources to alleviate the plight of those in dire need of help due to disease, calamities, or disasters, to facilitate their recovery, reduce the risk of diseases and assist in the rebuilding of their lives.

We collaborate with private, government and other nonprofit organizations in establishing, aiding, and maintaining programs and activities that will improve, increase, expand, advance, or uplift the general health and education of the poor, underserved or marginalized members of society.

Our Vision

To be a pillar in helping build a healthy, educated and productive nation.

Our Mission

We commit to serve the nation by undertaking sustainable programs that are focused on health and education.