Health Programs

Operation Bigay Lunas

Operation Bigay Lunas (OBL) provides free medicines and medical services to underserved communities throughout the Philippines. Started in 1999, OBL is conducted year-round, in collaboration with local government units and with the support of volunteer healthcare and other professionals.

The strong support of the pharmaceutical industry, donors, volunteer healthcare professionals and other volunteers, and their joint aspiration to bring healthcare closer and more accessible to the people have contributed to the successful conduct of OBL through the years.

Apart from direct assistance with free medicines and medical consultations, OBL also helps establish disease prevalence in the communities served, with actionable healthcare data provided, where applicable, for follow-thru action.

OBL also provides medicines to non-profit organizations, educational institutions, civic-social organizations, professional associations, student organizations and government organizations that conduct medical or dental missions to serve marginalized communities or needy groups.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is one of the beneficiaries of OBL, through OBL’s Libreng Gamot para sa Kawal initiative, in recognition of the heroic dedication and commitment of military personnel to the country’s safety and protection. Free medicines and medical supplies are provided to AFP’s military treatment facilities nationwide to ensure that soldiers get the proper healthcare assistance wherever they are deployed.